TDK unveils RoboKit1 robotics development platform

2022-09-24 19:22:04 By : Mr. Michael Ma

By The Robot Report Staff | January 6, 2022

TDK announced at CES 2022 its RoboKit1 robotics development platform, which comes with ROS 1 and ROS 2 compatible drivers and software algorithms. TDK RoboKit1 will be available in mid-Q1 2022 and offered both as a standalone development platform and as a full robot reference design.

The board will consist of a 6-axis IMU, capacitive barometric pressure sensor, digital I²S microphone (x4), temperature sensor, embedded motor controller, and magnetometer. Depending on which version of the platform is purchased, the board will also be joined by an industrial IMU sensor module via flex cables as well as a full robotic chassis and 3D printed casing.

TDK said the RobotKit1 will be compatible with multiple processor platforms, including Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson, Google Coral Dev Board and Asus Tinker Board 2/2S.

TDK said the main applications for RobotKit1 include consumer robotics, drones, and industrial robotics. The RobotKit1 development board will cost $199, while the full robot reference design will cost $299.

TDK collaborated with Qualcomm on its Qualcomm Robotics RB3 Development Kit. TDK provided its highest-performing motion (ICM-42688), microphone (ICS-41351) and pressure (ICP-10101) technology for the RB3 Robotics Development Kit. Qualcomm has since introduced its RB5 Robotics Development Platform.

TDK also introduced two ultra-low, power integrated ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors for short- and long-range detection. TDK said the Chirp ICU-10201 and ICU-20201, which are designed for robotics and drones, among other systems. TDK said the ICU-20201 MEMS sensor provides accurate range measurements to targets up to 5 meters away, while the ICU-10201 MEMS sensor provides accurate range measurements to targets up to 1.2 meters away.

Below are the key feature of each sensor, according to TDK:

Finally, TDK announced the availability of the InvenSense ICM-45xxx SmartMotion family of 6-axis MEMS motion sensors. These sensors have many applications, according to TDK, including robotic vacuums and consumer drones. TDK said some of the key applications enabled by these devices include optical image stabilization and robotic navigation.

The ICM-45xxx line provides a new self-calibration feature that allows sensitivity calibration to be done on-chip. TDK said this reduces the overall rotational angle error especially for optical image stabilization applications. These sensors will be available in June 2022.

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