PLC environment simulation constant temperature temperature and humidity test chamber

Trustable supplier provide PLC Environmental Simulation Constant Temperature Temperature Humidity Test Chambers Features / Benefits more than you can get from other supplier in China1)Delicate touch and excellent user experience2)Unique and compact design,top grade appearance,stable performan

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Trustable supplier provide PLC Environmental Simulation Constant Temperature Temperature Humidity Test Chambers

Features / Benefits more than you can get from other supplier in China
1)Delicate touch and excellent user experience
2)Unique and compact design,top grade appearance,stable performance and easy operation.
3)Can simulate a wide range of temperature and humidity environments
4)Capable of testing large components, assemblies, and finished products
5)Customized sizes and configurations available
6)1 year warranties

Technical Parameters of Temeperature Humidity Test Chamebr KMH-408R:
Workspace volume: (W)700 x (H)750 x (D)800mm
Exterior size: (W)980 x (H)1940 x (D)1740mm
Temperature range: -20~-150°C
Temperature constancy: ±0.5°C
Temperature uniformity: ±2.0°C
Temperature change rate: -20~+100°C within 35 minimum (with empty load), +20~-20°C within 45min (with empty load)
Humidity range: 20 - 98% RH
Humidity uniformity: ±3.0% RH
Humidity constancy:  ±2.5% RH
Exterior, baked painting steel or stainless steel (SUS304)
Interior, mist finishing stainless steel (SUS304)
Insulation material, rigid polyurethane foam and glass fiber
Door: Heating wire was installed to prevent condensation in case of low-temperature
Inspection window (W X H): 2 sets 2, 470 X 570mm inspection window, made of multi-layer coated hollow electric glass, effectively insulation and prevents condensation
Light device: 11W/220V AC X 1 installed on the inspection window
Water outlet: Water outlet available for condenser
Water replenishment: Water pump

Standard configurations:
Sight window X 1
Cable port (port Ø 50mm) X 1
Shelves X 2
Chamber lamp X 1
Power cable X 2m
No fuse breaker, over-pressure, over-heat and over-current for compressor, over-temperature, overloading of blower, dry heat-protection
Optional accessories:
Cable port: Ø 100mm is available
RO-type water purifier: R-80/day
Provided to keep the humidifying heater and wet bulb wick free from scale
Inner glass door with operating port: A glass door can be provided behind the main door so that specimens can be observed
Two operating ports of 130mm diameter are used for handing specimens inside the chamber without opening the glass door
Dehumidifier: The rotation regenerating dehumidifier M-120 ensures precise control of low-humidity (5° C 5% RH) for electronics

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Payment terms:T/T 50% advance, balance before shipment

The first order of a new customer will gain 10% discount, and trade agent also welcomed.
We will make sure our trade agents' interest.

Installation environment 
Distance from the wall to both sides and rear of chamber more than 800mm, to the front more than 1500mm. Provide independent power distribution switchgear and humidification condensate drains, and external power connector device is necessary  
Ground level, well-ventilated , non- flammable, explosive, corrosive gases and dust
No strong electromagnetic radiation nearby
With floor drain ( less than 2 meters from the refrigeration unit )
Venue floor load capacity : not less than800kg/m2
Leave adequate space for maintenance

Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into strong wooden case with operation mannual and video inside.

After-sale service

If you face any problems in future during testing process we promise we will give you a reply within 48 hours and solution provide within 3 working days. We can offer operation video and English operation muanual. We can provide video-conference. If customers require on-site service, the transport and travel expense shall be borne by customer.

Specifications for All Models of Climatic Test Chambers
ModelKMH-R seriesKMH-L seriesKMH-S series
Temp. range -20ºC~150ºC -40 ºC~+150ºC -70ºC~+150ºC 
Interior sizelW(mm)600700700100010006007007001000100070070010001000
Exterior sizeW(mm)880980980128012808809809801280128098098012801280
Humidity uniformity±3.0%R.H±5.0%R.H±3.0%R.H±5.0%R.H±3.0%R.H±5.0%R.H
Heat up time -20ºC~+100ºC,within 35 min -40ºC~+100ºC, within 45 min -70ºC~+100ºC,within 60 min
Pull down time +20ºC~-20ºC, within 45 min +20ºC~-40ºC , within 60 min +20ºC~-70ºC,within 80 min
Standard accessoriesSight window*1,  cable port(portΦ50mm)*1,   shelves*2,    chamber lamp*1,    power cable *2m
Safety device  (standard)No fuse breaker, over pressure\over heat and over current protection for compressor,
Over temp. protect, over load protect of blower, dry heat protection
Control SystemBalanced Temperature & Humidity Control System
Refrigeration systemAir Cooled (Water Cooled Type is option)
Hermetic compressor,Single stage refrigeration system,                          CFC-Free refrigerant(HFC-507/HFC-23)Hermetic compressor, Cascade Refrigeration ,             CFC free refrigerant                           (HFC-507/HFC-23)
ControllerPanel:7-inch LCD Touch panel,    Chinese or English display selectable
Operation model :Program or fix point running
Memory capacity :120programs,1200steps,
All repeat 999 cycles, part repeat 99 cycles
Humidity Range20~98%R.H
Temp. constancy±0.5ºC   
Humidity constancy±2.5%R.H
Temp. uniformity±2.0ºC
Interior materialStainless Steel Plate(SUS 304)
Exterior materialBaked Painting Steel Or Stainless steel(SUS304)
Insulation materialRigid polyurethane Foam and Glass Fiber Wool
Ambient Temp.+5ºC~+35ºC
Wiring method AC 380±10%50Hz ,3 phase 4 wires +Ground Wires

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