High temperature melt pressure sensor Ppcmpt04 series melt pressure sensor

PPCMPT04 Series Melt Pressure TransducerFeaturesStainless steel weldingEasy to installZero and span adjustableVarious amplified signals optionalInternal 80% shunt calibrationGood stability and anti-jamming capability Excellent stability and repeatabilitycan measure the pressure and temperature in oneApplicationsChemical fib

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PPCMPT04 Series Melt Pressure Transducer


Stainless steel welding

Easy to install

Zero and span adjustable

Various amplified signals optional

Internal 80% shunt calibration

Good stability and anti-jamming capability 

Excellent stability and repeatability

can measure the pressure and temperature in one


Chemical fiber Equipment
Plastic and Rubber manufacturing equipment

Medicine & Food process equipment

Measurement and Control all kinds of melt fluid

Product overview
PCMPT04 Series Melt Pressure Transducer. It is with thermocouple , can measure the pressure and temperature in one point. This model adopts special construction and excellent alloy elastic membrane to reduce the thermal draft ,improve the accuracy, good anti-jamming performance andt built in 80% shunt calibration, it can match our N series pressure instrument also can match the pressure instrument or controller of other brand . It is suitable for pressure measuring and controlling in melt fluid medium,such as the plastic & polymer in the process equipments. Can replace Dynisco / Gefran /GP50 etc. international brand absolutely

 performance parameters
Pressure range0….3.5 MPa to 0….150MPa
Pressure referenceGauge pressure, Absolute pressure, Sealed gauge pressure
Output2mV/V; 3.33mV/V
Input Voltage10(6~12V)DC
Accuracy±1.0%FS ; ±1.5%FS (including linearity , Repeatability & Hysteresis )
Repeatability:±0.2% FSO
ConstructionWheatstone bridge
Bridge resistanceInput: 345 Ohms Minimum; Output: 350 Ohms±10%
Overpressure150%FS(≤60MPa), 120%FS(60~100 MPa)
Overload pressure1.5×FSO
Internal shunt calibration:80%±1%
Insulation Resistance:200Megohms @100Vdc
Standard wetted PartsDiaphragm coated 15-5PH SST
Mounting Torque500inch/lbs , maximum
Electric connector:5PIN ,6 PIN
Rigid Length:6",9" (Customer design)
Flexible Length:18" , 30" Customer design
Thermocouple typeJ,K,E,PT100 Optional

Structure and dimensions

High Temperature Melt Pressure Sensor Ppcmpt04 Series Melt Pressure TransducerHigh Temperature Melt Pressure Sensor Ppcmpt04 Series Melt Pressure Transducer

How to order
ModelRangeOutputRigid & flexible lengthScrew ThreadElectric connectionThermo TypeAccuracyOthers
Example:PCMPT04-500bar-2mV/V -6/18"-1/2-20UNF-6PIN-K-1.0%FS

Ordering tips:
1 Pressure range can be selected higher or lower than actual conditions but should be within ±30%FS.
2 Pressure reference consists of gauge pressure, absolute pressure and sealed gauge pressure.
  • Gauge pressure is based on the current atmospheric pressure. Generally, it refers to the measurement of pressure which is greater than the current atmospheric pressure. Negative pressure is a special case of gauge pressure. It refers that there is such working condition that the pressure of work site is lower than the current atmospheric pressure.
  • Absolute pressure is based on vacuum.
  • As for sealed gauge pressure, PC10 uses absolute pressure die for gauge pressure product based on the atmospheric pressure of production site. For pressure range above 6MPa, gauge pressure cannot be selected, but only sealed gauge pressure.
3 Confirm the maximum overload of the applied system, which should be less than the overload protection limit of the sensor, otherwise it will affect the product life or even damage the product.
4 The commonly used compensation of the product is 1.5mA constant current compensation. Suggest selecting the option with priority.
5 The material and process for manufacturing negative pressure sensors are different from those of positive pressure sensors. So gauge pressure sensors cannot be used as substitute of negative pressure sensors.
6 For special requirements on performance parameters and functions of the product, please contact us.
About Us:
High Temperature Melt Pressure Sensor Ppcmpt04 Series Melt Pressure Transducer

High Temperature Melt Pressure Sensor Ppcmpt04 Series Melt Pressure Transducer

High Temperature Melt Pressure Sensor Ppcmpt04 Series Melt Pressure Transducer

High Temperature Melt Pressure Sensor Ppcmpt04 Series Melt Pressure Transducer

1.    Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
        A: We are manufacturer which focuses on pressure sensor for 33 years.
2.    Q: What international certificates do you have?
        A: ISO9001, CE, RoHS Certificated.
3.    Q: What is your production capacity?
        A: We produced 1500000 pieces pressure sensor in year 2017.
4.    Q: What is the lead time of your product?
        A: Stocks are available for some products. The typical lead time is 8~14 working days for product without customization. 
       Note: lead time may vary base on different products. Please contact us for detailed lead time. 
5.    Q: What is the warranty of your products?
       A: Our warranty time is 18 months after shipment.
6.    Q: Do you provide customized products?
       A: Yes, we can laser mark your logo, model and product information according to your requirement. We provide OEM and ODM service.


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