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Thanks to my grandmother, I learned how to cook by feeling. My grandmother (father) measured the liquid in half an eggshell for her recipe, and I think I have never seen my Gobi (mother) measure anything while she is cooking.

Even when I work in a restaurant, I use my fingers to determine the maturity of steaks and ribs, and determine the maturity of the fish fillets by sliding the metal cake tester from the center. I never thought I would become a chef who reached for a thermometer. That is, until my partner bought a Thermapen nine years ago.

ThermoWorks is the best thermometer for cooking and grilling. They are fast, accurate, durable, well-designed and easy to read. I use our Thermomapen to check the maturity of roasts, poultry, fish, steaks, ribs and patties. I find it very suitable for making sweets and jams. Oops, I even took my temperature with our Thermapen. (I don't recommend this. The probe is sharp and uncomfortable under the tongue.)

We also use ThermoWorks thermometers exclusively in the Wirecutter test kitchen. We hide ThermoPops, Thermomapens, DOT and ChefAlarms in drawers in our test area. We use Thermomapen or ThermoPop for instant temperature readings. Even though Pop takes a few more seconds to produce a reading than Thermomapen, Pop is still an excellent and accurate thermometer. When most people ask me which instant-reading thermometer should I buy, I recommend this to them.

My favorite to use probe thermometers, such as DOT and ChefAlarm, is to use an air probe to measure the hot zone in the oven. Many chefs also rely on these wired probe thermometers to monitor the progress of roasting or smoking large pieces of meat. I know that my father would not dream of pumping any meat on his pellet grill without one or two probes penetrating the muscles.

Nearly ten years later, our third-generation Thermapen still provides us with good service. This is a good run, but now is the time to upgrade to a faster and brighter model-Thermapen One. This makes me very sad, but our Old Trusty does not have a backlit display, while Thermapen One does. My aging eyes need higher contrast digital readings.

In the end—this may sound silly—I like the rainbow-like bright colors of the ThermoWorks thermometer. Seriously, the peony pink or traffic cone orange gauge has something that makes me happy.

After testing more than 36 thermometers since 2013, we believe that ThermoWorks ThermoPop and ThermoWorks Dot provide the best speed and accuracy.

When I asked Randy Owen, the CEO and founder of ThermoWorks, why the company produces so many thermometers in different colors, he said that the idea came from colored knives and cutting boards in professional kitchens. The color of the thermometer can indicate the food it is used for to prevent cross-contamination (red for meat, green for vegetables, etc.).

After testing 36 digital instant readings and probe thermometers, four of our five recommendations are ThermoWorks products. What makes Thermapen One worth more than $100? Let us explain:

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Cyber ​​Week and Prime Day are usually the best time to buy ThermoWorks thermometers, but we do see transactions about them regularly every few months.

Best price we've seen: $89

Wipe the probe with a clean damp towel after each use. To prevent bacteria from growing on the probe, I like to spray it with pure grain alcohol and let it air dry before storing.

ThermoWorks thermometers are extremely durable and can handle real-world abuse (within reason). Hide the Thermapen probe neatly aside-don't stretch it out to store your Thermapen. If you have ThermoPop, please protect the probe with a plastic sheath before putting it away. My thermometer is in their own dedicated drawer, so they won’t be hit.

For thermometers that use wired probes, such as ChefAlarm and DOT, take the time to wrap the cable as if using an extension cord and secure it with a cable tie. Cables with kinks and bends have a shorter lifespan. I use a zippered food bag to put the probe together and protect it.

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After testing more than 36 thermometers since 2013, we believe that ThermoWorks ThermoPop and ThermoWorks Dot provide the best speed and accuracy.

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