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2021-11-24 04:55:30 By : Mr. Lianyong Wang

Intuitive 3D UI and automatic troubleshooting (Photo: Business Wire)

Intuitive 3D UI and automatic troubleshooting (Photo: Business Wire)

Suwon, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In predictive maintenance, the most critical factor in preventing machine downtime is early detection and repair. Futuremain from South Korea is the only forecasting solution provider in the country that can provide 90.3% accuracy solutions. Its flagship product, ExRBM and AR integrated with ExRBM AR, won the Excellence Award from the National Institute of Science, a government research institution, to prove its performance. These two products have also recently attracted strong interest in smart factories around the world.

Traditionally, error detection can only be done through real-time condition monitoring systems or vibration monitoring systems, which are usually used in heavy machinery applications. When an abnormality occurs, both systems require expert manual analysis of large amounts of data to determine the root cause. Often, these data experts cannot be accessed immediately, and the machine must be shut down to complete the analysis. This is a costly proposal, and it is difficult to accept. In response, Futuremain has developed an automatic error detection software that uses big data and innovative artificial intelligence technology to manage and improve predictability.

ExRBM collects machine data from vibration, temperature, current and pressure changes in real time. Then, in addition to automatically diagnosing any other errors based on preset parameters, it also informs the operator of the status and risk level status.

ExRBM analyzes the cause of the problem and further provides repair suggestions, so that the operator can solve the problem faster. This makes the product a real winner in preventing major financial disasters before machine failures occur.

In terms of application, the function of ExRBM is very suitable for chemical, natural gas, petroleum, energy, robotics and manufacturing industries, especially in large-scale manufacturing environments, used to monitor heavy machinery similar to rotating or reciprocating mechanisms.

ExRBM provides high compatibility and scalability with other similar solutions. It can also be integrated with management execution systems and computerized maintenance management systems, which makes ExRBM versatile.

The company combines predictive maintenance and proprietary technologies in the field of augmented reality to develop an application called Smart AR Machine Maintenance that runs on a mobile platform.

A mobile viewer that allows users to check the condition of the machine. Other features include access to machine drawings and maintenance video guides.

Futuremain is Korea's leading engineering and predictive maintenance start-up company, whose mission is to improve the efficiency of technology and human-computer interaction. The company provides pioneering and reliable SaaS and mobile solutions that can automatically detect errors early for remediation.

Last year, Futuremain's profit increased by 207%, and it received a round of investment of US$4 million. Its growing list of customers includes world-renowned brands such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Saudi Aramco and Yuhan Kimberly. Currently, Futuremain is actively looking for partners with similar missions around the world.

For partner inquiries, please contact: Andrew Wong 82 070-4323-2133

For partner inquiries, please contact: Andrew Wong 82 070-4323-2133